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Good Teachers Translation Service Co. Ltd

Good Teachers Translation Service Co. Ltd is a professional service company in translation service, translation education, language database development, language computer software development as well as the research and development of foreign language education products. It takes translation as the main business and devotes itself to provide customers with diversified service. Based on the constant hard……

  • Introduction of Good Teachers

    Good Teacher Translation Service Co., Ltd. is currently the top three professional translation companies in China's translation industry. They are China Translation Association (TAC) and American Translation Company.

  • On the Development of Good Teachers

    Translation Services, Translation Education, Language Database Development, Language Computer Software Development and Research and Development of Foreign Language Education Products

  • Fifty thousand professional translation teams around the world

    Good teachers have a large team of senior translators. They are composed of technical experts, masters of Foreign Studies and foreign consultants who enjoy special allowances at the national level. There are 569 senior full-time translators and 37 051 part-time professional international translators

  • Branches spread all over the world

    Good Teacher Translation, established in 1975, is a leading professional translation agency in the world. It has more than 70 branches in 12 countries and regions. In China alone, it has 26 branches and offices. The birthplace and global headquarters of good teachers'translation are located in Lucer



More than 1,000 professional interpreters worldwide


Over 8000 customers have served


Customer satisfaction exceeded 98%.